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Trip to Poland and
Reb Yeshalayes Kereszturers Yartzeit

Sunday April 23
Leave NY to Krakow Poland,
arrive Monday morning, board an air conditioned bus.
We will travel to Auschwitz/Birkenau extermination camp and museum.
Auschwitz/Birkenau extermination camp
Monday April 24
The annual March of the Living. Thousands of Jews and non Jews will march
from Birkenau to Auschwitz, as Zechor V'altishkach to commemorate
the six million martyrs of the Holocaust.
Kaddish in Birkenau by crematorium #3.
Minche in the only shtibal of Lomdei Mishnayos in Oswiecim,
the newly renovated shul that survived WWII.
Back to Krakow dinner, Maariv and sleep.
annual March of the Living
Tuesday April 25
We will visit the city of Lodz,
a city currently undergoing the Jewish Renaissance.
This was the home of the wealthiest Jews in pre war Poland.
The city council had a majority of Alexander Chasidim,
with a good representation of Gur and Slonim.
We will visit the Poznanski Palace, and the opulent cemetery.
if time allows we will side step to the newly
restored ohel of Reb Duvid, of Lelov.
Dinner and sleep in Krakow.
Wednesday April 26
Tarnow the Bima, remnant of Rav Mayer Ariks's shul.
The mass graves of the Jewish orphanage at
Zbilitovska Gora Pilzno to our ancestral gravesite,
Reb Elimilech in Lezajck . Dinner and sleep Lezjansk.
bima tarnow
Thursday April 27
Lancut the beautiful Shul of the Choze,
the grand Potacky's Palace,
Sanz the Restored Synagogue of the Divrei Chaim , The ohel,
dinner in the new hachnosas orchim.
The cemetery in Kosica Slovakia
sleep in Kosica.
sanz shul
Friday April 28
Early morning April 28 Cross the border to Hungary
to the Magificent Shul in Mad,
then to Reb Yeshayele of Keresztur.
One day before his Yahrtzeit.
Nyiregyhaza the Holy Rebitzen Sura Miriam,
Kalov and Nyirvasvari, To Tokaji
Shabbbos April 29
Tokaji menuchas Shabbos with three seudos Shabbos.
Sunday April 30
(Perhaps return to Keresztur),
Hajdunanas to ancestral graves Godollo,
the summer palace of the Hungarian royalty.
Dinner and Boscolo Hotel in Budapest.
If time allows a boat ride on the Danube.
Monday morning May 1
returning home.
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