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Itinerary of Nesia (trip) to Lizensk 2009

Sunday March 15
19th Adar
Departing from New York to Krakow
Monday March 16
20th Adar
A comfortable coach bus will be waiting for us at the airport.
  • Auschwitz / Birkenau concentration camp.
    Learn about the goal of the Nazis, light a candle and say Tehillim & Kadish.
  • Krakow, for Yahrzeit of the Bach, to be mispallel at his Tzion
  • Remu
  • M’galeh Amukos
  • Tosfos YomTov
  • Reb Eliezer Harofeh
  • and more...
  • Miadowa Bais Hacahim
  • Maor V’Shemesh
  • Harav Shimon Sofer
  • and more...

Tuesday March 17
21st Adar
  • Daven in the Bais Haknesses of the Remu.
  • Walking tour of old Jewish neighborhood,
    • old shuls
    • the old Jewish market place
    • The last remnants of the ghetto wall.
    • the famous Shindler factory.
  • Sanz, the cemetery of the Divrei Chaim.
  • Bobov,
    • The newly restored Bais Haknesses of the Rebbes of Bobov
    • The cemetery of the first Bobover Ruv.

  • Lizensk, The Rebbe of all Rebbes the Noam Elimaylach, complete Sefer Tihilim.
  • Lancut, the cemetery of Ropshitzer Ruv.
  • Wadjitz Forest to the new matzeva of the Kolishitzer Ruv.
  • Rymanov, The Bais Haknesses and cemetery of Reb Mendele and Reb Tzvi Hersh Meshures.

Wednesday March 18
22nd Adar
  • Belzec Killing camp, where we light a candle and say a Tfiloh at the newly constructed memorial wall.
  • Lublin,
    • visit the only Shul in Lublin not destroyed by the Germans.
    • Visit the Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin
    • learn why Polish intelligentsia and academics still refer to the city of Lublin
      as the “Magic Holiness of Lublin”.
    • The cemetery of the Choze m’Lublin
    • Reb Shulom Shachne, the father in law of the Remu
    • Rabbi Yakov Pollack
    • the Maharshal.
  • Piaseczno, Sleep over.
Thursday March 19
23rd Adar
  • Shacharis in the only Bais Haknesses in Warsaw not destroyed by the Nazis
  • Visit the Warsaw Ghetto area
  • Mila 18
  • Umschlagplatz
  • Warsaw cemetery the largest cemetery in nifturim in the world.
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